Application Forms for Std.9 (ICSE and IGCSE) and Std.11 (ISC and AICE) is available for download here.

For all other classes, forms will be issued ONLY if vacancies arise. Forms for filling vacancies, if any, will be issued in March 2015. Please check here for details. There are currently no vacancies in any class.

INFORMATION ABOUT VACANCIES (if any) in Stds.2–8 will be notified here on March 15, 2015.

With effect from June 2015, the Preparatory class will be discontinued. Std.1 will be the school’s entry class. There will be no entry-level admissions to Std.1 in 2015. Information about entry-level admissions in 2016 will be announced here in January 2016.

Grade 9 and 11 presentation for external applicants and their parents will be held on the Aditi campus on Saturday, December 6,     2014.
Grade 9 presentation for both streams (ICSE and IGCSE)  9am – 10am. Presentation starts at 9am. Please be seated by 8.45am.
Grade 11 presentation for both streams (ISC and AS/A)  10.30am - 12pm. Please be seated by 10.15am.
Information regarding courses and co curricular activities will be shared with prospective applicants and their parents.


For information contact:

Ms. Yvonne Edwards,

The Admissions Office,
Mallya Aditi International School
Post Box 6427, New Town Yelahanka
Bangalore 560106 India

Phone: 080-40447000, 080-28462506