Welcome to Mallya Aditi International School

In a short span of thirty-seven years (1984-2021), Mallya Aditi International School has widened its scope, changed the conventional norms of teaching and brought about a truly integrated system of learning. It has remained true to its core strength – teachers, who inspire students to innovate and adapt in the fast changing world of today. It began in 1984 when the Ujwal Trust, a pioneering group led by Anne Warrior and Geetha Narayanan, first conceived the idea and developed it into reality.

The school is home to around 700 students of 10 nationalities. It offers a global education system, academic excellence, positive social values, creative freedom and self discovery, that equips every student with necessary skill sets to take his place anywhere in the world. What makes that possible is our internationally trained faculty who employ teaching methods that urge the students to question the conventional, challenge theories, validate hypotheses and employ analytical reasoning.

At Aditi, students have exposure beyond books and academia. The creative and performing arts, work exposure and social awareness activities are all part of a broad-based education that enables students to develop into confident, poised, young adults who are equipped and ready to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing and demanding world.

Recent Events

Dholavira: A Harappan City

Std. 06 History had Dr. Meera Iyer come and speak to them about

LAR Week in Elementary School

LAR Week was celebrated in all Elementary School

Computer Science Department Guest Lecture

A talk titled AI in the Business of Prediction