At Aditi, we are committed to creating an environment that fosters the psychological and physical wellbeing of all members in the community. Our aim is to promote positive child development, and build student competencies that enrich mental health and wellness. We endeavour to achieve this through strong and effective nurturing systems that integrate a comprehensive wellness initiative into the educational curriculum, strengthened by an ethos of mutual respect.

As part of the wellness initiative of the school, the school uses a multi-pronged approach to wellness that addresses the needs of the community. Preventive interventions, in the form of ongoing school-wide awareness programmes, train teachers and make parents aware of the need to facilitate the learning of social and emotional skills, reduce negative behaviours and provide a positive environment. Several proactive initiatives are in place that augment strong links between school and community, as well as strengthen meaningful interactions within the school community. Preventive interventions also identify students who may require additional academic and behavioural support. The Counselling team offers services for the social and emotional well- being of the school community. In addition, de-stressing initiatives, such as wellness days and quiet spaces, are available for teachers.

We aim to foster respectful, supportive relationships among students, parents and staff. We believe that the presence of positive relationships enables students to develop the necessary skills to be able to make healthy choices that reduce risk taking behaviour. This also aids them in developing and displaying a positive attitude toward the health and well-being of every individual.

We believe that wellness includes the development of an appreciation of the benefits of eating healthy foods and participating in daily physical exercise. To this end, students and faculty are given opportunities to prioritise matters related to physical and mental health. Students participate regularly in supervised physical activities intended to maintain physical fitness and to understand the benefits of a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

Aditi gives priority to the promotion of well-being and positive health of the members of the school community. To enable this, policies and programmes that are consistent with this statement, are developed and shared with all members of the school community.

For more information you may contact:

Neena David, PhD
Head, Counselling Services