Teaching in Aditi is reflective and informed by best practices. Learning, then, follows almost naturally. The emphasis that teachers make is on enquiry, understanding and appreciation. Students are given opportunities to question, experiment and make sense of what they have learned. Collaborative learning is used often, when students share what they have learned with each other. The thoughtful use of technology scaffolds many classes ranging from German and French to Geometry and Shakespeare.

The school strives to create a learning environment that is child-centred, international in perspective, engaging, active and critical. Its ways of working are democratic and decentralized. The school celebrates student and teacher-led initiatives and values creativity, excellence and a social conscience. Aditi graduates attend some of the best colleges and universities in India and around the world.

Aditi recognises that each student learns differently and that these differences must be acknowledged and supported. The school’s Counselling and Learning Support teams have proven expertise in addressing these differences. Members of the school’s outstanding Counselling team routinely conduct research and present papers at national and international conferences.

Never resting on its laurels, Aditi strives constantly to be a community of learning.