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The Crafting Table raises Rs. 6,700 for People for Animals

Manya and Richa from Std. 10 donated Rs. 6,700 to PFA in person. While visiting the campus, they had the privilege of seeing an Indian jackal whose rehabilitation is almost complete, and will soon be released into the wild. They also got to actually release a kite! Apart from the jungle kitten with its beautiful green eyes, they also saw “majestic barn owls, sleepy fruit bats, bashful star turtles, watchful slender lorises, and intimidating kites”. They were appalled by stories of abused snakes, and Elizabeth, the macaque monkey, who was blinded when a fruit vendor threw acid at her face.

Describing their visit, they said:

“It was a wonderful experience. We were shown around by the senior most vet, Dr. Karthik, and got to see different kinds of animals in rehabilitation, like a jackal and a jungle kitten (the kitten was adorable – it jumped up to the peephole to peer at us). We also got to touch the two snakes – a red sand boa and a ratsnake.”

Emerging more aware, and inspired to enact change, their visit to PFA was all in all a thrilling experience.

About The Crafting Table
The Crafting Table is a textile based non-profit organisation run by two 10th grade students of Mallya Aditi International School, Bangalore – Manya Bharadwaj and Richa Tupe.
They handmake arts and crafts from 100% recycled or wasted materials, and sell them at exhibitions and fairs around the city. They sell textiles such as headscarves, hair ties, stoles, and decorative fabrics and coasters. These pieces of fabric were dyed during the Textiles course which is part of the High School SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work) programme.
As a charity organization, they do not take any of the money  they make. The proceeds will be donated to the People for Animals organisation, Bangalore. People for Animals is a licensed organisation that acts not only as an animal shelter, but also leads initiatives such as nation-wide animal rescue programs and endangered species protection.

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Mallya Aditi Aviation Club

A dedicated group of aviation enthusiasts at Mallya Aditi International School who have created a forum for other enthusiasts to take part in, as well as introduce people to the field of aviation.
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Aditi Spectrum


A student-run magazine – the Aditi Spectrum – headed by Sarang Mani of std 12.
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A magazine run by the 9th and 10th grade students of Mallya Aditi International School. Click here to visit >>



“We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world.”

Herein lies the beauty of TED, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and where not only do we get to experience these stories, but get the inspiration to cultivate them in our lives and as a part of the TED community. We are so proud to have held our third annual TEDxMAIS on December 14th, 2013. This year, we chose the theme ‘Breaking Barriers’, where we asked the speakers, from a variety of backgrounds, to speak about an obstacle that was crucial in their development, and how they managed to overcome it. Our speakers were Ramachandra Guha, the preeminent historian, Konarak Reddy, the world-renowned guitarist, Vinita Bali, the former CEO of Britannia, Anita Reddy, the phenomenal philanthropist, and Krithi Karanth, the inspirational conservation biologist. We are proud to have had such a distinguished panel of speakers covering what we feel some of the most important facets of life. As of right now, TEDxMAIS is the only high school TEDx that has managed to get its license renewed over two times in India and we want to thank Aditi and its community for all of its continued support.

-The TEDxMAIS Team

India Forward, Country’s First NGO Run by Students, Funds Education of School, College Kids.