Spirit Week was held in the Pre-University section from August 3rd to 7th. The event gave everyone the opportunity to express their creativity, spread awareness about ongoing situations, and learn to push themselves to their best! We thought it would motivate students and teachers, seeing how online classes have, unfortunately, taken away the “traditional” Aditi experience. Based on a voting system, we had finalized the themes. So all the students of Std 11 and 12 came dressed up in native clothing for ‘Native Monday’, as hippies for  ‘Flower Power’, as their favorite sports team for ‘Don’t Sweat It’ or as characters for ‘Behind the Scenes’ on Wednesdays, in pink to raise awareness of breast cancer on Thursday, and in formals for ‘Formals Friday’ or the Aditi colours for ‘Homecoming’!  

The whole week was exhilarating! Nothing will parallel the tensions we felt logging into our homerooms and various classes to see how everyone else was dressed! Through the week, we had so many laughs, we learned a lot of new things about each other, and we showed our solidarity towards various issues.

  • Anahieta Mohandesi and Nethra Jaygopal (12 AICE-K)