The Physical Education (PE) space is more about cooperation than competition. This is in tune with the needs for learning for life. PE is an integral part of the school programme. Aditi’s strong belief is that PE is not one-particular-game oriented but emphasizes all-round development of hands-on motor skills, coordination, movement, health and nutrition, first aid and game skills for games such as cricket, football, basketball, throwball, hockey and athletics.

The total freedom for the learner has been another highlight of the primary programme at Aditi. The space is totally non-coercive; the pace is customized to the learner’s needs and there is a never ending commitment from the teachers in terms of their time and energy to keep interacting with the learners.

The school promotes an effective physical education and fitness program in the Middle School, High School and Pre-University sections wherein all students participate wholeheartedly. We have started to work on skill progression (sequence of skills) from motor skills to game skills for Stds 1-8 which will enrich the PE curriculum in school.

The school also offers after school sports activities wherein importance is given to coaching all the students at the elementary and middle school level and also the school teams. *
Aditi is among the top boys’ and girls’ teams in football and basketball in the city and has regularly produced state-level players in both sports.

*After school sports activities and participation in sporting events is currently on hold due to the pandemic.