Our teachers focus on helping students to think creatively and reason analytically, giving them ample opportunities to experiment and test theories to the point where they are able to deduce the theories themselves. Through the curriculum, students are exposed to an array of interesting topics, challenging assignments, meticulous practice and just pure fun. Hikes, trips, out-of-campus classes, robotics club, dance, music and drama and group projects are blended into the curriculum, widening the perspective of students.

Aditi has repeatedly demonstrated its commitment to the liberal arts and humanities. Thanks to excellent faculty, subjects like Economics, Sociology, History, Geography, Literature and Political Science have always enjoyed a high status in the school. The commitment of teachers in these subjects is to develop a sense of critical enquiry in students. Questioning conventional wisdom is common in Aditi classrooms. The school is equally committed to excellence in sciences and mathematics. Biology students have participated in tiger-censuses; turtle walks and extended research projects on local ecosystems. Mathematics is augmented by exciting extra-mural lectures by practising mathematicians.