Laboratory work is essential in many fundamental and special fields of study. Food spans across all subjects, from psychology to history and languages.

The Food Science Lab at Aditi is one of its kind, offering a variety of cooking equipment for teachers and students to carry out practical cooking sessions for academic subjects such as Food and Nutrition, and Home Science in the High School and Pre-University sections.

The main purpose of the lab is to offer students hands-on knowledge related to food chemistry, food technology, food production, professional table set-up and basics of human nutrition along with food etiquette from across the globe.

The Food Science Lab is also used by Elementary and Middle School students to demonstrate various cultural differences and to inculcate the Aditi core values such as critical thinking, resilience, collaboration and innovation among students, thus making them independent learners. These experiments and demonstrations in the Food Science Lab allow students across all classes to test theory and master the basic skills and associate food with an array of subjects.

At Aditi, we also have student-run food clubs and professional development courses that allow students to interact and bond over food, travel and hospitality while simultaneously learning  basic foundations of the hospitality and food industry in the real world. These take place in the Food Science Lab, making it easy for students and teachers to work in a dedicated space that is well equipped and focused on providing the students with application oriented knowledge and experience.