SOS: We are moving in the Right Direction! 

Std. 05 reviewed their sense of direction, grid and map skills as soon as they stepped into their new Social Studies class, so that they stay on the right track!

Book and Movie Recommendations Galore! 

Std. 05 spent a few days learning to create a slide deck on Keynote and came up with fabulous book and movie recommendations for their friends. From ‘Famous Five’ and ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’, to ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Gangsta Granny’, we had lots of fiction recommendations! We also saw a few stories on the World Wars, different kinds of birds and animals, as well as some football and cricket books being discussed. ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, ‘The Batman’, ‘The Secrets of Dumbledore’ and ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ were some of the highly recommended movies to watch. The students created some great art work of their own as well which gave their recommendations an added edge.

Reach for the Stars! 

They’re back! and, our classrooms are buzzing. Std.05 is ready to reach for the stars!

The Time Of Your Life 

The Western Music students of Middle School participated in a group project titled ’The Time Of Your Life’ which explored the link between music, memories and emotions. They interviewed people of different ages, mostly family members, and tried to discover music from their childhood and youth which brought back special memories.

Some of the main areas of exploration included the role music played in their lives, the media used such as the radio, cassettes and records, and the type of music that was popular at the time. The students discovered interesting stories about their parents and grandparents, and gained perspective on how deeply music is connected to the daily lives of people.

– Shreya, Anya, Arlene and Sumer.

The Std. 05 Quiz Makers

When an opportunity presented itself for Std. 05 to organise an event for the younger classes, our students jumped at it! They were terribly excited at the idea of, first of all, going into other classes, and secondly, as the senior-most group in Elementary School, to be able to organise and run the event. When we asked for volunteers, nearly the entire class (in both sections) raised their hands!

Over the next two weeks, our large band of volunteers heroically gave up their snack breaks to meet with each other and us. They also set up times to meet after school hours. Having been given clear-cut quiz topics, they quickly created large question banks. Next, using the iPads provided by school, they were able to collaborate on making and editing the presentations which would enable them to share the quizzes in the other classes. Once the quizzes were finalized, it only remained for us to organise everyone’s schedule.

The final step was the most exciting of all – students had to go (as quiz masters and scorekeepers) to all the other classes and actually conduct the quizzes.

“Miss, it was so fun!”
“Miss, we met Ms. Sheerali after so long!”
“Miss, the kids are so smart – they knew all the answers and even asked us questions!”
“We had such a nice chat after the quiz was over!”

These were the most common comments we heard day after day as LAR Week got underway and our students began to conduct their quizzes. We heard similar things from teachers and students in the younger grades – that they had enjoyed the quizzes, enjoyed quizzing the Std. 05s in their turn, and generally had a lot of fun.

We realised how much students and teachers had missed interacting with each other… with the shutting of physical school, we no longer have access to common, and often informal, spaces. We mean spaces like buses, playgrounds, corridors, courtyards and even classrooms. We can no longer stop for a quick chat, watch students playing, walk into a classroom to look at notice boards, or talk to each other on the bus. This has essentially meant that we are quite cut off from everyone outside our own class.

Perhaps this is why this exercise meant so much to our students. And we are so proud of the way they organised themselves and the way they conducted themselves in the other classes!

Carnival for a Cause 

To do their part and help in the COVID relief work, the students of Std 7 organised a carnival to raise funds to donate oxygen concentrators and beds for people that are suffering from COVID. The Carnival was held for 2 days on Zoom. There was an option of buying tickets and attending the carnival or people could also directly donate to the webpage.The Carnival included games like Bingo, Jeopardy, Dance off, Charades, Doodle (, Queen of Sheeba and Bake off. The students raised about ₹ 7,75,500 from this event.

The ticketing and publicity for the event was done through Paytm Insider who did not charge any fee. 

100% of the proceeds from this fundraiser carnival went to the NGO Give India Foundation. The funds went to a 100 Bed COVID Care Centre opened with the Civil Hospital in Dharwad and the rest of funds went to opening a 100 Bed COVID Care Centre in Gadag. Entrepreneur’s Organisation – Bangalore Chapter helped them with the sourcing and purchasing of the COVID care equipment.