Aditi is known for its open culture, a spirit of inquiry and enthusiasm for initiating innovative teaching practices. The Professional Development Centre aims to capture and foster this spirit amongst its faculty. Regular training, sharing of best practices and creating a rich and diverse digital library of innovative teaching practices are some of its aims. The Centre also takes a leadership role to liaison with other schools, as well as offers training to teachers outside of Aditi.

The PDC Team

Sateja Joshi, an economics teacher with over thirty years of teaching experience in International and Indian curricula in The Netherlands and India is the Head of the Centre. She also has management experience and is the initiator of the Young Enterprise programme in Aditi.

Suravi Banerjee, a teacher with over forty years of teaching experience in different schools in India and abroad, is a consultant to the Professional Development Centre. Armed with management experience, she has initiated the English seminar in Aditi and is passionate about the importance and relevance of Language and Literature in all fields of study and work.

Preetha S Kumar, formerly a journalist and a Sociology teacher with over seven years of teaching experience, is currently a Research and Editorial Associate in the Professional Development Centre. She carried her love for learning from the newsroom to the classroom and tries her best to give every content and context the right perspective. Preetha has been a university first rank holder in M.A. Sociology and is currently pursuing her doctoral research at the Department of Sociology, University of Mumbai.

Any PDC related enquiries can be be addressed to:
Sateja Joshi

Aims of Aditi Professional Development Centre