Aditi’s classes run from Std 1 to Std 12.
At Stds 9 and 11 students can opt for qualifications offered by:

  • The Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations, Delhi offers the ICSE examination at Std 10 and ISC at Std 12.
  • or

  • Cambridge Assessment International Examinations, Cambridge (UK) offers the IGCSE at Std 10 and the AS/A-Levels/AICE at Stds 11 and 12.

These qualifications enjoy worldwide recognition. Both our Indian and international qualifications enable our students to apply to the best universities in India and across the world. Alumni confirm that both programmes prepare them well for university.

Further information on the IGCSE/AS/A/AICE is available here >>.

The classes from Std 1 to Std 8 follow a carefully structured curriculum that is constructed and edited by the teachers based on guidelines provided by both our examination boards. It is constantly renewed and revitalised.