The SUPW Programme

The Socially Useful and Productive Work (SUPW) programme is an integral part of the Aditi experience. Each year the students of Stds 11 and 12 work on various activities designed towards community service.

One part of the SUPW programme is usually done within the school hours and the other part is a week long outbound programme.

The programmes range from the conservation of birds, preservation of ethno-diverse communities in the Nilgiris, working alongside farmers, tribals and fishermen to create community engagement, to directing plays and films with the students of government schools and creating material for a school for the blind.  

Due to the pandemic, however, the SUPW programme for the past two years has been conducted online. In this period the students have been involved in programmes to develop responsibility and empathy towards the larger community and have successfully interned (30- 60 hrs) with: 

  1. The Samiksha Foundation, that helps children suffering from cancer with their education
  2. The Sparsha Foundation, that helps create safe spaces for homeless children
  3. The Arunya Foundation, that creates English material for government schools

Our students have helped create and transcribe online material in many Indian languages. They have also conducted fundraisers that will aid the Arunya and Samiksha Foundation to collect funds to procure tablets and smartphones, so that the children supported by these foundations can continue their education. The fundraiser will help the Sparsha Foundation support children in Tamil Nadu, orphaned due to COVID. The students have the liberty to choose what they wish to do for the community, e.g. teaching chess online or working for CUPA.

Through these collaborative internships we hope that students of Aditi will be able to explore socio-cultural diversity, develop empathy and create a tangible difference in the lives of the children they interact with.

Contact for Community Service:

Priti Rao
Coordinator Community Service

Link to the movies directed by the MAIS students in collaboration with Black Box India, at Pallanhalli, Government School, Bengaluru.

  1. Millennials from Black Box India on Vimeo
  2. talent.short from Black Box India on Vimeo
  3. from Black Box India on Vimeo
  4. the.principal.short from Black Box India on Vimeo –

Student and Staff Exchange Programmes

International understanding has been fostered, in no small measure, by our annual student and staff exchange programmes. For over 10 years, the schools we have an exchange with are:
The Brearley School, New York City, USA (staff exchange)
Trinity School, New York City, USA (staff exchange)
St. Benno Gymnasium, Dresden, Germany
Realschule Germering Unterpfaffenhofen (near Munich), Germany
Östra Reals Gymnasium, Stockholm, Sweden
Kungsholmens Västra Gymnasium, Stockholm, Sweden
*all the above exchange programmes are on hold because of the pandemic. We do hope they can be revived soon.

The ILSI program (Innovative Learning Sweden India)  with Rudbeck Gymnasium, Sollentuna, Sweden, is continuing in an online format.

The school is always looking to establish new partnerships that will help our students become engaged members of the community.

The Aditi Institute

The Aditi Institute is an extension initiative of the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities. Its core purpose is to act as a catalyst for the thoughtful and persistent exploration of the issues of our time by students, faculty and the larger community. The endeavor is to create a vibrant space for conversations, divergent perspectives and inter-disciplinary approaches, to engage and educate, to encourage discussion and debate. We also want the institute’s activities to challenge stereotypes, question the conventional wisdom and explore alternative ways of looking at contemporary issues.

These explorations have been enabled through the following:
• Interactive guest lectures by outstanding practitioners
• Seminars, workshops and symposia
• Occasional and/or regular publications
• Establishment of Chairs, Visiting Lectureships and Scholar-in-Residence programmes at the school
• Student and/or faculty led research projects
• Debates, panel discussions and informal interactions
• Creating resources to enhance and enrich classroom teaching
• Documenting and archiving the Institute’s activities

The institute is collectively run by a core group, with additional members being co-opted from among students, faculty, parents and the larger community, when deemed necessary. The institute is an integral part of Mallya Aditi International School and the school’s vision informs all of its activities. All institute activities are also guided by democracy, humanism and an open-minded, critical and progressive perspective.

Here are some of the speakers we have had over the last couple of years:

  1. Dr Moyukh Chatterjee
  2. Dr Pankaj Sekhsaria
  3. Murali Neelakantan
  4. Shraddha Bhandari
  5. Aliyeh Rizvi
  6. Pankaj Seksaria
  7. Dr. Ashish Kulkarni
  8. Krish Ashok