Celebrating 69 Years of the Republic!

We at Aditi celebrated India’s 69th Republic Day by hoisting the tri-colour and singing the national anthem. Far more important than this, students of all ages were engaged afterwards in discussions about what it means to be a republic and about the salient features of the Indian Constitution.
Elementary School students attended a presentation on Fundamental Rights and Duties by Ms. Jayna Kothari (Senior Counsel and Aditi parent) and Ms. Priya Rao (Aditi faculty member).
Middle School students attended a talk on the Constituent Assembly by Mr. Siddharth Raja (lawyer, historian and Aditi parent).
High School and Pre-University students learnt about the Basic Structure of the Constitution from Mr. Sajan Poovayya (Senior Counsel, Supreme Court of India).
Each of these sessions was designed keeping in mind the age of the participants and it was heartening to see the responses and engagement from students in all sections of the school.