Elementary School Open Day 2018

A carnival of enthusiastic kids, tired teachers, proud grandparents and keen visitors is what I walked into on Open Day at MAIS. Being both teacher and parent, I have an inside-out view of the scene. The creative process, the driven enthusiasm, the many drafts, the deadlines met, but also the many ‘oopsy’ moments and laughter that comes from relief of a job well done.

Open Day showcases work done in the first month of school; it is a peek into working levels, teaching processes and learning modules. While it does all this, it also reveals an environment that seeks to promote best work while having a good time getting there.

Std. 01 had self-portraits and comments by the children about their families – colourful, real to the point of being bitter-sweet, beautiful and funny all at once. The Stds. 02 and 03 took on numbers to places and equations that I’m glad I’m over; places of geographical wonder, and Std. 04 had that delightfully static bevy of bugs.  Std. 05 had your insides out literally – platelets, organs and hanging skeletons – colourful, creative and so well curated.

Between the ‘Oohs’ and ‘Aaahs’ and sips of coffee and conversation, one feels comforted and proud: proud to be part of a school that works at developing well-rounded people, while encouraging them to think independently and make new paths; comforted that you have a place in it.