11th Grade Performs To Kill A Mockingbird

by Malini Narayan

To Kill a Mockingbird, so widely loved, has become a household name and a typical bookshelf find. Our experience with the story, however, was anything but commonplace.
The Standard 11 play was an experience characterized by its variety – of cast members, of familiarity with the plot and of resonance with its themes. Certainly, all of us felt that its poignant message of inequality versus acceptance is a message that holds, or rather, needs to hold, particular relevance in this “year of grace”, 2017. Our director, Mrs Banerjee, on the first day of rehearsal said, “We do not need to stick to skin tone to tell this tale”- and indeed, this principle guided us through three months of rehearsal. However, we each came to embody our characters in a way that was unconscious, instinctive even. Through Scout we rediscovered the bliss of ignorance; in Atticus, the importance of integrity, and as Boo Radley, the error of assumptions. We hope to have passed on this empathy to our audience. After all, they say drama transforms. Does it? We sure think so.