LMTRIX – The Talent Show

Written by Rhea Matheikal, Std. 06

“Go Class 6! You can do it!”

Every year, students of Class 6 host a show that displays the talent of our very own Elementary School. This year, the theme of the show was Magic. Everything was magical and mysterious, from the name to the decorations. The name of our wonderful show was LMNTRIX (Elementrix). Preparations for decorations, background music, material for the emcees, band practice, preparation for ushers etc. took most of our classes and spare time. We all did our very best for this once in a lifetime opportunity. With the help of our Art teacher, Ms. Archana, we made enchanting decorations and a beautiful backdrop. It was a clash of colours and stars with tall, bold mountains in the front. Ms. Tanvi, Ms. Anita and Ms. Navaz helped us make groups according to our interests.

Finally, the time of the show arrived and we were very busy and nervous. Ushers guided the artists and audience. The emcees were backstage waiting for the right time to hop on stage and give their all. One at a time the participants displayed their lovely acts. Little Michael Jacksons and proud Charlie Chaplins came and bravely performed on stage. Class 6 had a few acts as well. There was a talented juggler, tricky magicians, a piano player, and a band for the grand finale. The show demonstrated our strengths and displayed our teamwork. There may have been some up and downs, but as a whole I thought the performers were awesome, and the hosts were magnificent.