Months of preparation, planning, rehearsals, training and hard work finally culminated in the spectacular show that was Kalarpana. On Friday, the 9th of December, parents, friends and families of Elementary and Middle School students were treated to a dance, and an Indian Music, Tabla and Western Music extravaganza at Chowdaiah Memorial Hall, which was a delight to the senses. Every student in the Elementary Section and many from Middle School were involved in the production.

Students danced to the theme of the ‘Elements’. Like a scene from a dream, students twirled and swayed across stage as they embodied fire, water and wind. Graceful dancers representing “air” wrapped themselves in translucent, shadowy wings; vibrant cloths of blue rose and fell to convey the rhythms of the ocean. The props were colourful and magnificent, complementing the movement of the students to capture the ephemeral nature of the elements.

The tabla recital (a bandish) had students of different ages playing in perfect sync. The Indian Music component showcased a variety of ragas, sung with heady enthusiasm by the students. Some of the songs were original compositions of Ms. Maraballi, the Indian Music teacher. The night ended with a Western Music medley of popular show tunes. Students were dressed as orphans from Annie, as umbrella-wielding gentlemen from “Singing in the Rain”, and little budding flowers and seeds, brightening up the evening of all those present in the crowded auditorium.

It was a magical evening that will be remembered by all for years to come!